Sustainable Production, Superior Quality,
Smart Marketing :

Narumon 1986 limited, a fully integrated pulp and paper mill, was incorporated in
1986. Located in Thailand's central plains in the mill began operating in 1993 and has
an annual capacity of 600,000 tons of pulp and 600,000 tons of paper. Strategically
situated from Bangkok and Laem Chabang Seaport, the Narumon paper industry is
close to both a sustainable source of wood and a huge rainwater reservoir with a
capacity of 36 million cubic meters to sustain its manufacture of pulp and paper.The
company's broad portfolio of products extends from superior quality short fiber
large paper sheets to innovative stationery products and premium copy papers all
made of sustainable fiber from Narumon Farm's Paper Tree, which is grown along
the rice paddy ridges of more than 1.5 million farmers across Thailand through a
uniquely Asian solution to the sustainable sourcing of fiber that we call PFFT - Paper
from Farmed Trees.
Business Strategies :

• Initiate the high technology and knowledge to the
use of internal process and to service the customers
• Apply e-Learning to practice the Company's human
• Apply the Relation Management to the customers
and suppliers
• Customer is the learning center for the Company's
sustainable development
• Launch the modern technology to increase the
potential of procurement system to the customers
such as e-procurement and e-Community Commerce
• Participate in social development and environment
US Connections was founded on a simple principle - when you need to find a manufacturing partner in the United States or the Asian
Pacific turn to an organization who has deep knowledge formed by years of relationships with firms in both the US and Asian Pacific.
We know who you should be (or could be) partnering with - you can trust us as referrals as our leadership team includes the following
Corporate Staff with extensive hands-on knowledge of day-to-day operations of US manufacturing firms. We know what goes wrong,
the typical root causations and how to prevent it from happening.
ISO inspectors who have a deep knowledge of firms and their capabilities across the United States and Thailand.
An Asian Pacific office with years of experience developing partnerships with countless manufacturers looking to reduce costs by
sourcing parts in Thailand or partner with firms in China to reduce costs and gain access to
The one we are :

Narumon 1986 limited was incorporated on 27 February 1986 by "paper Family" which has the business experience in stationery and office equipment for more than 20 years. Now the Company has registered capital
of Baht 20million and paid-up capital of Baht 20 million.

Vision :

To be the excellent leading Distance Trade retailer with the efficiency logistics operation

Mission :

•To develop and integrated the new technology to the business management
•To develop and enhance the staff’s learning continuously
•Respect and make a good relationship to the customers
•Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of procurement system to the customers
•Respect to social and environment
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